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Report an Outage

If you've lost power you can call us and our state of the art outage management system lets you easily report the situation from your home telephone. If your correct phone number is not in our system, that could mean unnecessary delays in restoring your electricity.

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So, if we do not have your correct number — take a few minutes and give us a call at 749-6400 or 1-888-813-8000. We need the correct phone number for YOUR SERVICE LOCATION.

If you do lose power, you can report it without having to wait for an operator by using our Automated Reporting Outage System.

  1. Call from a touch-tone telephone at the location of your outage.
  2. Dial (803) 749-6444 or (888) 813-7000 and press 1 to confirm the outage at this location.
  3. If you have multiple accounts assigned to the same telephone number, stay on the line and follow the instructions.
  4. The system will automatically log your address, and our crews will be dispatched to restore your power.

Print this page and keep it handy in case you lose power!

Keep in mind...

  • Do not use the outage system to investigate or report a non-payment disconnection.
  • Keep Mid-Carolina Electric up to date on your telephone number. Your correct number will let us know immediately who needs assistance.