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Surge Guard

As your electronic appliances and equipment become more and more complex, the need for protection from harmful voltage surges increases.

Surge Guard™ helps protect against lightning and other surges

Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative already has lightning and surge protection built into its system, which guards against most voltage surges caused by birds, animals and trees contacting power lines, accidents involving utility poles, lightning storms and other disturbances.

Even with this protection, an occasional voltage surge can reach your home. And, because typical home circuit breakers do not react fast enough to stop these surges, your unprotected electronic equipment may be at risk. 

What are the Surge Guard options?

  • Meter-Treater (240-1S) - whole house installation at the meter base
  • Meter-Treater (MTHW-1P) - whole house installation at the meter base (bolt-in type meters)

Surge Guard sees voltage changes even you can't

The electronic equipment in your home utilizes delicate silicon chips that are very sensitive to voltage surges -- even very small ones that go undetected by you and appear to have no effect on your home electronics. Surge Guard helps protect against this kind of voltage surges.

What Surge Guard is

Surge Guard is designed to help protect electrical and electronic equipment from damage due to voltage surges caused by lightning or other disturbances.

What Surge Guard is not

Surge Guard is not a substitute for lightning rods or other devices intended to protect people and property against direct or nearby lightning strikes. While it provides significant protection, Surge Guard does not provide complete protection from every possible voltage surge.

To find out more about Surge Guard, call one of our Energy Experts at 803-749-6555.

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