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Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative recognizes that some members have an interest in solar energy, however, many times the information you receive may be confusing or incomplete.   We want to be sure that our members know what to expect if they do buy a solar generating system for their home.  Since each home has its own unique circumstances to consider, please call us at 803-749-6555 or click here before you buy a system so that we can help make sure all the details are covered. For additional information visit  

The interconnection process is just a few steps:

  1.  You or your solar provider sends us an application for interconnection along with a single line diagram of the proposed connection and an application fee.
  1. We review the application and write an interconnection agreement.  We also provide you with the Net Metering Policies.  The agreement is signed by both you and a Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative representative.
  1. You have the solar equipment installed.
  1. We set the net meter.

Solar or distributed generation documents.

                Standards and Application

                Sample Interconnection Agreement

The Net Metering Rider is reviewed annually and can be modified or eliminated by the cooperative.

View the energy output from a solar array on our distribution system.


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