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Payment Options

Equal Pay

What is the Equal Payment Plan?

With MCEC's Equal Payment Plan, you can guard against large fluctuations in your electric bill caused by changes in the weather. MCEC averages your past usage and projected future energy costs, then bills you for that amount monthly. Because your bill remains the same each month, you can anticipate the amount you owe. Your budgeting will be easier than ever before.


How can I qualify for the Equal Payment Plan?

Any member with an acceptable payment and credit history can participate.


Bank Draft

The Bank Draft Program from Mid-Carolina Electric makes paying your electric bill easier than ever. When you sign up for Bank Draft, MCEC will automatically draft your checking or savings account for the amount of your monthly electric bill.

You'll still receive monthly statements showing kilowatt-hour usage and the amount due, but with Bank Draft, you won't have to write a check -- ever! And your payments will be made on time, every time.


What are the benefits of the Bank Draft Program?

With the Bank Draft Program, you'll never have to remember to pay your bill. And since you'll receive a monthly statement, you can easily keep track of what was drafted out of your account. You won't have to write a check or pay for a stamp or remember to take the envelope to the mailbox. With everything else there is to worry about, isn't it nice to have one thing you can cross off your list?

For more information about Bank Draft, call Member Services ... 803-749-6400, toll-free in SC 888-813-8000 or complete the Bank Draft Authorization Form and mail it to MCEC with a voided check.


Easy Pay

Members can call 803-749-6500 or toll-free 888-850-6770 to pay their bill by telephone using a debit, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Members are not charged a fee and do not have to enroll in a special program to make payments through Easy Pay. They can choose to make a one time payment or to use this option every month.

To make a payment using Easy Pay, members will need to have their account number available as well as their credit or debit card number.

Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative receives notification as payments are made. 


Electronic Bill Pay

Members may enroll on Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative’s Online Payment Site, SmartHub.  By enrolling, you agree to receive your monthly MCEC bill via email and will no longer receive a copy of your bill in the mail.  An email notification will be sent each month when your bill is issued and you may elect to pay your bill via this site using one of the following methods:

1.   Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit or debit card
2.   Personal checking account

Members also have the option to set up recurring payments from your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or personal checking account.  

Please allow 24 hours for payments made via SmartHub to post to your MCEC account.

Click here to sign up. 

Our members now have the ability to pay online without enrolling in electronic billing.  Click here to make a one time payment. 

Payment Arrangements

Members who are experiencing financial difficulties or who are under the care of a licensed health care provider for a severe medical condition may contact Member Services to discuss eligibility for a payment arrangement. Member Service representatives can also provide information on agencies in your area that may offer financial assistance for electric bills. Call MCEC at 803-749-6400 or 888-813-8000 for more information.

Having Trouble Affording Your Power Bill?

Call the helpline for SCEmergency Crisis Assistance at 803-734-0662. Funds are available from a federal block grant to help qualifying families to pay utility bills and insulate dwellings. Got a smartphone or tablet? Download the free app called,Trusted Helplines. Apply for Utilities Assistance and 14 other categories of financial help. Trusted Helplines, free from your app store.  For a list of local energy assistance agencies, click here.  


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