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Damage Prevention

The mission of Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc., a not-for-profit member-owned electric distribution utility, is to improve the quality of life of our members by providing quality electric services at competitive costs with a commitment to member satisfaction. An important aspect of keeping costs low for our members is educating them, as well as the general public, on the dangers associated with our system.

This includes potential liability for any action resulting in damage or loss to any part of MCEC’s facilities—including our distribution lines. Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, or a visitor on someone’s property, if MCEC’s lines (or, equipment) are damaged by accidents, acts of carelessness, or improper notification to SC811, the responsible party will be held liable for repair costs associated with their actions. This can include something as simple as cutting a tree onto a powerline, digging around underground lines, or 3rd party vehicle incidents resulting in damage to our system and related equipment.

As hunting season continues, remember, as any good hunter should, to plan every shot. Hunters can also be held liable for damages to power lines, associated equipment and fiber optic cables. Whether intentional or not, you are responsible for your actions. Some repairs can be very costly; and MCEC strives to keep operating expenses down for all members by making every effort to recover costs from any party responsible for facility damages.

This is a collaborative effort to keep “unplanned” maintenance and repair costs for our members as low as possible.

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